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Here, you’ll find all you need to know about my book review and beta reading services. If you’d like to have a chat about creating a bespoke beta reading or review experience, please feel free to send an email: dannika.reviews@outlook.com

Thank you 🙂

Book Review Service

If you have a brand new book that you know is awesome, yet you’re struggling to source reviews for, please get in touch! Being an author myself, I completely understand the challenges of finding readers who actually bother to review your book. You receive so many wonderful comments from readers saying they thoroughly enjoyed your books, though that unfortunately doesn’t always transfer to sites selling your book. Without reviews, it is virtually impossible to improve sales.

The irony is, people tend to primarily review products they disliked or were dissatisfied with. I’m guilty of purchasing great items like shoes, stationary or horse rugs online, then totally forgetting to give them the 5* review they deserve (obviously, I do make the effort to review brilliant books!). So in a way, I suppose lack of negative reviews means everyone reading your books loved them – that’s what I tell myself anyway. 😉

Therefore, if you would like me to review your book, all I ask is for you to post a copy of it to me free of charge (I much prefer reading actual books after staring at a screen all day!) – if you’d like to, I could feature you in an author interview on my blog for free too. You will have a wait for me to finish reading your book, depending on my schedule and your book’s word count, though we can discuss details through email so we’re both clear on what to expect from one another.

(I may accept eBooks if finances are an issue; they’ll likely take me longer to read, as I try to take a break from screens by reading physical copies of books – but again, you’re welcome to send an email to discuss.)

Here’s a list of what I love to read:

  • Animal Stories (particularly equestrian)
  • Fantasy Novels
  • Sci-fi Novels
  • Detective Novels
  • Mystery Novels/Ghost Stories
  • Romance Novels
  • Historical Novels
  • Young Adult (YA) Genre (in any of the above categories)
  • Fascinating Memoirs
  • Life-affirming Non-Fiction
  • Surprise me! (Within reason…)

For fun, here are photographs of me immediately after receiving an amazing hand-written, cleverly illustrated, letter from a delightful young reader after she enjoyed my debut novel Larry. I smile whenever I look at this letter! You’d be surprised how much your books mean to your readers… 🙂


Beta Reading Service

Wondering what a ‘beta reader’ is? This helpful article might enlighten you.

As you’re aware, I offer a variety of services – I also write my own books and, shockingly, have a life outside the wonderful realms of the writing world. This means my time is precious; what this doesn’t mean is that you should refrain from asking for my help.

Exactly the same as for my other services, I shall accommodate your requirements to the best of my ability. 🙂

Should you require a beta reader for the pre-publication proof of your book, I’m happy to receive this as a hard copy (i.e. printed on plain paper or as a physical proof copy – which I will not be able to return, sorry!), or, as an eBook file.

If this is a straightforward scenario, I will charge a nominal fee of £0.001 per word. That will also provide you with an analysis of your book from character development, plot and world-building, to tone, layout and fonts used. Added to this, I will gladly include a virtual author interview with you on my blog, which will also be advertised on my social media pages, including any links to your own website/social media pages. All you’d need to do is sign the ‘Beta Reading Agreement’, and off I go to read your story.

You can find the template for my ‘Beta Reading Agreement’ as follows:

Thanks for your time! 🙂