This is no ordinary testimonials page.

I feel it’s not only important to have confidence that you’re entering into a working relationship with someone you trust, but also imperative that you like them. So, I am developing a comprehensive collection of testimonials from lovely people I have worked with throughout my writing career so far. You therefore obtain a holistic image of what I’m like to work with, as well as who I am as a person. I hope you enjoy reading them!

Many thanks to all who have contributed… 🙂

Amber Richberger, Exemplary Editing:

“Dannika was a fantastic author to work with. From our numerous messages throughout the editing process, her passion for her story was apparent as well as refreshing. So many authors take all my advice without question, but Dannika insisted on knowing why a certain change was suggested and asked how she could strengthen her writing skills. Her writing is fun and inventive and I look forward to reading her future work.”

Bethany Schembri, Author & Influencer:

“Working with Dannika was amazing. She was the first person to read my novel. In fact, she was the first person to read anything that I have written. I was terrified but not only did she read it, she encouraged me. When I gave her my work, she somehow found the perfect balance between kindness and constructive criticism to make me a better writer. If it wasn’t for Dannika, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to start my writing degree or continue to finish my novel. One day, I want to publish this book and I know when I do it will largely be because of her.”

Chandrakala, RAANC Pvt. Ltd:

“Dannika is [an] extremely professional writer, her articulation of words and the flow of sentences are wonderful. I highly recommend her to anyone who seeks assistance in article writing or article rewriting.”

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