Portfolio Samples

Here, you will find samples of my ever-expanding portfolio of writing (along with samples of illustrations I have created for several children’s book projects).

If you feel you’d like to work with me though cannot see a sample in your chosen genre, please don’t hesitate to request a writing sample in a specific style; alternatively, you can read my blog posts to discover a diverse collection of my more personal writing 🙂

YA Fiction Sample, Larry

Fiction Sample (Humour), Animals’ Guide to the Human Race

Children’s Fiction Sample, The Wizard Chronicles

Short Story, The Keys

Short Story, The Stolen Book

Short Story, Inheritance

Short Story, The Interview

Poetry Sample, Our Nan

Training Guide Sample, Veterinary Receptionist

Illustration Sample, Equestrian Children’s Book

Ghostwritten Children’s Fiction Sample, Nit-Fest

Ghostwritten Non-Fiction Sample (Article), Asteroid Defence

Ghostwritten Memoir Sample, Untitled

Ghostwritten Biography Sample, Anna Sewell

You’ll find several blog posts I have written published here.

I have also completely typeset, and self-published through KDP, a series of colouring books on my mother’s behalf. She’s always drawing fascinating patterns, so we decided we would try to support the NHS through the COVID-19 pandemic by donating the entire 69p royalty from every book (that’s 100% of the royalty from each book sold) to the NHS until 1st June 2020.

You can see their listings here.

I created a website in hope of helping others who suffer emetophobia as I do, to ensure others do not feel alone and are able to enjoy entertainment without the confines of fear 🙂

The Emet. Review can be found here.

Due to lockdown restrictions imposed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic 2020-21, I hadn’t seen my niece for almost an entire year – something sadly experienced by millions around the world, as we tried to keep our loved ones safe by keeping our distance. However, my niece was enduring some challenging health problems that had a detrimental impact on her usually bright and lively demeanour. Therefore, I decided I’d write an illustrate a special story just for her, to cheer her up in celebration her 5th birthday – and I am pleased to report that she was absolutely delighted with her special book 🙂

Although it may not be a literary masterpiece (and I realise I still have *lots* to learn about illustration and typesetting illustrated children’s books), I worked tirelessly to create “Evelyn-Rose’s Magical Adventure” around university, ghostwriting, and other life commitments.

If you’d like to see my niece’s book, its listing is available here.

My nephew loves vehicles, and I wanted to create something special for his birthday – so, I’ve written, illustrated, typeset, and published “Ryan to the Rescue” in his honour 🙂

If you’d like to purchase this book, its listing is available here.

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