Poetry Sample, ‘Our Nan’

angelic statue and sunset scenery

Written on behalf of my sisters, cousins and I.

Bravely read by my eldest cousin at my Nan’s Funeral in August 2019.

2019 ©D.E. Kendall

Our memories we treasure;
their fun had no measure.
Beyond words we love our Nan,
though we’ll write what we can,
to honour her wonderful life, as grandmother,
mother and loving wife. 

She was a most talented cook.
There’d be food everywhere you’d look!
Whether that was a lush Sunday roast,
or the best Welsh Cakes she could boast.
Her stews and pies were fantastic;
never were meals coated in plastic. 

Her toffee dabs at Halloween
were the best you’d ever seen!
When bobbing for apples she’d let us cheat,
she loved little visitors who’s “trick or treat”.
Such memories are drenched in fun,
of Nan there was only one. 

She made Christmas special too.
Our happiness her favourite view.
Never failed to visit us all Christmas morning,
opening presents from the day’s dawning.
Then there’s the cracker game on Boxing Day;
when we’d all end up swapping gifts anyway!     

Holidays with Nan were second to none.
Biddies, chips, ice cream and PlayStation One.
Much to all our mothers’ dismay,
she taught us to gamble our pennies away!
Adventures we had too numerous to mention;
for us to be happy was her only intention. 

Always rescuing animals in need,
to this example we continue to heed.
Nan taught us to always be kind,
to forever have goodness on our mind.
Even if when she was a child,
Nan’s behaviour was pretty wild! 

Life is strange now she’s not here.
We’re all missing having her near.
As we prepare to say goodbye,
for our Nan’s loss we can’t help but cry.
Though through her memory we will strive
to keep her amazing spirit alive.