What is a ghostwriter?

In short, a ghostwriter is someone who writes something that then gets credited entirely to someone else. In compensation for lack of recognition, the ghostwriter gets paid. It is a job shrouded in secrecy, which is why it is imperative you know you can trust the writer you’ve chosen to lovingly craft your story in your voice.

Are you a qualified author and ghostwriter?

Technically, the only qualifications required to be an author or ghostwriter are the ability to read and write. It’s the quality of one’s writing that determines how skilful they are. Which means it’s entirely up to you to determine whether you believe the quality of my writing is worth reading, or that you feel my writing styles would best suit the ghostwriting of your project. I do have experience of publishing my own works as well as writing for others; samples of my writing are available for you to view on the Portfolio Samples page – as well as through my WordPress blog Dannika Writes… 🙂

Are editorial and/or proofreading services included through ghostwriting?

That depends entirely on the individual ghostwriter. Personally, I do have some experience of editorial and proofreading work. I’ve completed BA (Hons) English Literature & Creative Writing with the Open University (achieving a classification of 2.1) – as well as practicing editorial and proofreading processes through my own writing – so I am continuously improving.

I promise to provide the best piece of writing I possibly can for you, but I’m only human and I am not a career editor – it’s worth noting that your ghostwriter should never agree to edit the work they’ve created on your behalf anyway. However, I do offer some proofreading services for writing I haven’t created – please see my Pegasus Proofreading page for more info.

Thankfully, I have a plethora of brilliant editorial contacts I recommend to clients. So, if you decide to get your writing/ghostwritten work edited by a professional editor – something I highly recommend you do – please allow me to direct you to my Helpful Resources page 🙂

Will you publish my book for me? Will it be available in print edition and/or eBook edition?

That depends entirely on what you’re hoping to achieve from the process. I do have a decent level of knowledge on self-publishing through Amazon platforms CreateSpace (no longer operating) and KDP. I will stress though that if you need me to do this for you it is an extremely time-consuming process, so it will add considerably to your overall costs. It is a rewarding outcome after pouring your heart and soul into a piece of writing, but it isn’t the best route for everyone – please consider your options carefully.

If you do a little research on Print-On-Demand companies who simply print your book for you, you’ll find that many small presses offer this service for a reasonable rate. I can potentially point you in the direction of small presses who might do this for you, though again, they will definitely charge you to put your work into print or convert your work into an eBook – and there’s no guarantee on the time you should expect to wait before seeing your work in print or eBook format. If, for example, you’re producing an autobiography for your family and friends to enjoy, then Print-On-Demand may well be the best way to achieve a low-scale print run of high quality, physical editions of your book.

Then, there’s traditional publishing – the ultimate goal of most aspiring authors. If you are lucky enough to catch the attention of a literary agency, they will represent you and your work in search of a traditional publisher to get it published. Many of the largest publishing companies in the world will not accept unsolicited manuscripts – that is, manuscripts that do not originate from literary agents. Smaller publishers may pay attention to your application with a particularly sparkling synopsis and exciting opening chapter; always read their submission guidelines carefully and please, don’t ever send blanket submissions to a cluster of contacts at once. Take some time to ensure the submission you send is offering exactly the content required as per the publishing company’s guidelines. While you’ll likely face some rejection (an unfortunate reality for every writer), there’s always a chance that if you’ve made the effort to approach a literary agent or publisher in the right manner, someone will fall in love with your work and want to take a chance by publishing it.

I am happy to help you craft a synopsis if required; though given this will take quite a bit of time, I will have no choice but to charge for this service. I prefer to discuss costs for writing a synopsis on an individual basis because it is not a ‘one size fits all’ requirement 🙂

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here, or via my Services page, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thanks for your time!